What is Pineau Des Charentes made from?

Pineau Des Charentes is a prepared wine which is made up of unfermented grape liquid or evenly fermented grape in which an amount of Cognac eau-de-vie is added and matured. Fortified wine is also known as dessert wine. Fortified red wine and fortified white wine involves higher alcohol content as compared to other wines. The more amount of alcohol is due to the addition of large number of spirits. The most common manifestation of Pineau Des Charentes is white, pale or honey like gold. It is also available indifferent shades of raspberry and rose. The drink is not easily accessible. People love to drink Pineau Des Charentes wine. The wine gifts sets wine gifts sets is an amazing gift to be given on Christmas.

Somerset Pomona

Somerset Pomona is the British version of Pineau Des Charentes. It is made up of native apples as compared to grapes. It is prepared by adding the unfermented apple juice with the presence of cider brandy.

How fermentation occurs

Wine normally ferments when the yeast breakdown the sugar molecules into grapes in order to produce ethanol. The strain of yeasts totally comes to an end after the fermentation process. Wine which is made up of grapes normally involves fermentation. The quality of wine improves with age. The more old the wine is, the better quality is contains.